Industrial Marine. Marine Electrical Specialists



Industrial Marine Electrical are specialists in the marine industry, supplying expertise for the installation, maintenance and repair work for their marine associated clients.

Our team regularly works on all types of vessels from large ocean-going to inshore fishing and aquaculture vessels as well as and provide support and back-up services to petrochemical support vessels that are based or visiting port.

We electrically design and build control systems for a wide range of the aquaculture industries for the mussel and oyster harvesters and factories in Nelson, New Zealand and throughout the world.

  • Port Nelson

    The WH Parr - a 33 year old Tug was recently re-powered with two new propulsion engines and new auxiliary alternator engines. Industrial Marine Electrical became involved in the project when the Nelson Harbour Board decided to re-power the vessel to gain another 30 plus years service from the vessel.
    We worked with the Dunedin consultants and supplied budget prices for rewiring the vessel, designing and installing a new main switchboard.
    The project was completed within budget and within the time frame allocated before the busy apple season.

  • Strait Shipping's MV Kent

    MV Kent's dry docking in Devonport July 2005 - we designed a new steering system complete with autopilot for the vessel and have just completed the installation while the vessel was out of service on a programmed docking.